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Exploring the Right Click Menu
The following three options enable Winamp to open a file, an Internet audio stream or file located on an Internet server, and the ability to view the specific information on each audio file you play.


Play File
The play file command menu item brings up the Open File dialog box. Use this to load a new file or a group of MP3 files into Winamp. To select multiple files, hold down the Control key, while clicking on the desired files.


Open Location
The Add Location button brings up the Open Location dialog box, where you can input a specific location on the Web to retrieve either a file or to tune to a SHOUTcast server.


Viewing File Information
This menu item brings up the appropriate information dialog box for whatever file type you are playing. For MP3 files that information dialog box is the ID3 tag editor. This editor box gives you the ID3 information for the MP3 file which includes song title, name of the artist(s), album, etc. You may add or edit this information and save it.

To edit the ID3 tag information, simply enter or edit the information in the fields and save it by pressing the Save button. To clear out and remove ID3 information, click the Remove ID3 Tag Information button

The next four options are relevent to what is displayed on your screen at that point in time.

Main Window Flag
This menu item lets you switches between the Taskbar/Collapsed mode and Open Window view for the Winamp player.

Playlist Editor
This option opens and closes the Playlist editor window.

Graphic Equalizer
This menu item opens and closes the Graphic Equalizer window.

This menu item opens and closes the Mini browser window.

This menu item brings up the Options menu, which is explained in another section


Brings up the Playback menu, which features a number of specific menu items, some of which mimic the function of many of the main screen buttons as well as some newer options. Most of these are self-explanatory: Stop w/Fadeout, for instance, lets you stop the current song but not in an abrupt fashion. You can use the Back 5 Seconds and Fwd 5 Seconds to precisely skip around a particular song while using 10 Tracks Back and 10 Tracks Fwd to rapidly navigate large playlists. Jump to Time brings up the Jump to Time dialog box, which lets you jump to a specific time in any MP3 file; the Jump to File menu item brings up the associated dialog box, with which you can quickly jump to any file in the current playlist.


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