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Creating a Playlist
There are several ways to create a playlist. You can just open multiple files when loading new files into Winamp and the player automatically creates a new playlist.

There are four major buttons used to manage and create your playlist (at the bottom of the playlist window); another button lets you load and save existing lists. Each button is actually a menu that, when you click and hold down the mouse button, reveals several options.

Add File Menu (+ File)
This menu offers three choices: Add File(s), Add Directory, and Add Location. A single click on this button brings up the common Windows Open File dialog box, where you can select and add a file to the current playlist. The Add Directory button brings up the Add Directory dialog box, where you can locate an entire directory of MP3 files and add them to the playlist. The Add Location button brings up the Open Location dialog box, where you can input a specific location on the Web to retrieve either an MP3file or tune into a SHOUTcast server stream.

Add File       Other options under Add

Remove File Menu (- File)
This menu lets you remove files from the playlist. If you've selected multiple files, choose from Remove Selected, Crop Selected and Clear (entire) Playlist.

Remove File      Other options under Remove

Select Menu (Sel All)
The Select All button contains three menu items: Select All, Select None, and Invert Selection. Select None deselects all files while invert deselects current selections and selects all currently unselected files.

Select All      Other options under Select Al

Misc Opts Menus
This button houses a menu with three main selections - File Info, Sort, Misc - all with submenus. File Info displays ID3 tags, playlist entry brings up the playlist name editor which lets you edit the names of the files that appear in the playlist.

Miscellaneous    Other options under Misc.

The Sort submenu offers several choices including Sort by Title, Sort by Filename, and Sort List by Path and Filename. Also offered as choices are Reverse List, which reverses the order, and Randomize List, which lets you randomly rearrange your list.

The Miscellaneous submenu offers two interesting options. First is Generate HTML Playlist, which generates an HTML file of your playlist upon execution and displays it in your browser. You can use this playlist to publish to your Web site MP3s that you're listening to or have legitimately available for trading. The Read Extended Info On selection refreshes any additional information from the ID3 tag for the selected file(s).

Load List Menu
This menu lets you load, save and clear playlists. There are two types of playlists: PLS and M3Us. The PLS format was originally part of the MuseArc program, an earlier player, while M3U was used by the Winplay3 player. The PLS format contains a bit more information, although neither contains a ton of track information.

Load Playlist     Other options under Load List

To clear out and start a new playlist, hold the mouse over the Load List button; either that or right-click on the Load List button and choose New List from the menu.

To save a current playlist, either hold the mouse over the Load List button or right-click on the Load List button and choose Save List from the menu. You get a standard Windows Save As dialog box and can choose to save in either the .M3U or .PLS format.

To load a current playlist, click on the Load List button.

Playlist Mini Play Control Console
The playlist also includes a miniature playing and time display console at the bottom of the screen. You can use this for when only the Playlist window is displayed.

Playlist Mini Controls

The Winamp Minibrowser
First introduced in Winamp version 2.10, the minibrowser enables users to view World Wide Web documents within Winamp. The minibrowser can be directed to its location by an ID3 tag within an MP3 file, by direct user input, or—with SHOUTcast 1.1 and Winamp 2.22 and later vesions—by embedded information in an incoming SHOUTcast stream.

Embedding URLs
Embedding a URL in an MP3 file is accomplished in the `Comments' field of the ID3 tag. Because the field is limited to 30 characters, Winamp recognizes the string !/ in place of http:// at the beginning of the field. Thus, to cause the Winamp Minibrowser to open the URL http://www.winamp.com/index.jhtml when an MP3 is played, one would enter !/www.winamp.com/index.jhtml in the `Comments' field of that file's ID3 tag.

For more information about streaming URLs through SHOUTcast streams, see the SHOUTcast documentation. To directly open a URL within your minibrowser, read on.

At the bottom of the minibrowser are several icons. The leftmost two arrows are `back' and `forward', and work as in other Web browsers. The red stop button stops the loading of a document. The circular arrow button reloads the current document from its source.

The up arrow opens a menu of additional minibrowser options. The `Update Links' menu item updates the links on the minibrowser's start page. The `Open Internet Location' item opens a dialog box where you can type in a URL to to open directly. The other items in the menu are links to related Web sites.

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