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    Recording Quality Information
    Under that display, the Winamp displays the recording quality of the .MP3. The kbps display shows kilobits per second; the kHz display shows the frequency at which the MP3 is being played back. Next to that are two displays that are lit up to denote if the file is a Mono or Stereo recording.

    Audio KBPS      Audio Frequency    Stereo/Mono Indicator

    Volume and Balance Sliders
    There are two slider bars and two buttons under the displays. The left slider bar controls the volume of your music, directly changing the wave audio volume.

    Volume Slider

    The second slider bar controls the balance between left and right speakers.

    Volume Slider

    Song Position Bar
    The main play controls and the rest of the Winamp console are divided by the song position bar. This bar indicates the position within the song that is currently playing. Sliding the position indicator allows you to immediately skip ahead or back to a specific point in the song.


    Play Controls
    The most often used controls on the Winamp player are located at the bottom of the Winamp faceplate.

              Back track         Skip back to previous song in playlist

              Play             Play current song in playlist or resume from pause

         Pause          Stop playing but hold current position in current song

        Stop            Stop playing current song

        Next track    Skip ahead to next song in playlist

        Open file     Click to open a new file

       Shuffle      Set playmode play songs in random order

        Repeat      Constantly loop current playlist


    Equalizer and Playlist Buttons
    Two buttons EQ and PL sit to the right of the sliders. The first button pulls up Winamp's graphic equalizer, and the other pulls up Winamp's playlist editor.

    Equalizer Button

    Playlist Button

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