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The Winamp Main Window
The main screen in Winamp is a small console that displays critical data about the song it is playing and lets you control some of the most critical elements of song playback.


    Upper Corner Box Menu
    There is a small symbol that resembles an audio waveform in the upper-left corner. If you click on this little symbol, a menu that allows the user to change almost every aspect of the Winamp player appears.


    Many things that you can do on this menu can be either done through buttons on the Winamp interface or through the use of quick keys.

    Visual Song Display
    The visual display in the upper-left corner shows either the time remaining or the length of a song, as well as interesting graphic depictions of whatever sounds Winamp is playing. This graphical display is often referred to as the Vis display.


    The Clutterbar
    The Clutterbar runs down the left side of the Vis display and displays the letters O, A, I, D, and V which run vertically down the left side- right next to the time display.


    1. Click O to bring up the Options menu.
    2. Click A to make the Winamp player automatically stay on the top of your desktop
    3. Click D to make the Winamp player and it's Graphical Equalizer window become double it's original physical size
    4. Click I to pull up all the information on the current song playing
    5. Click V to pull up the Visualization menu

    Song Title Display
    Winamp has several displays and some buttons that tell about the file playing. The top display lists the name of the file and any other information imbedded in the file.

    Right-clicking pulls up a menu allowing you to change file information, jump to another file in the playlist, jump to a specific time in the current song, and turn on and off the autoscrolling of the song name.


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