Northam, Vermont c.1900
 This is the current site of HeaHeah as photographed in 1900, when the cows were downstairs and the horses upstairs. .

Oldtime country string band and other recordings from the 1920's

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Northam, Vermont c.2000
Photographed 100 years later, there is firewood where the cows were and Old Time Music where the horses were.
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The top 600 original and complete 78 rpm fiddle recordings of the great 1920's string bands which inspired the emergence of bluegrass and other styles.

This collection is the previous CD Volumes 1-3 compiled on one DVD at a new and very affordable price. This is an indispensable resource for all oldtime musicians and country music enthusiasts.

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...... About HeaHeah

Pierce's Store c.1900For some peculiar reason, I have spent over 30 years recording, collecting, and playing American old time fiddle and banjo music. It has been a wonderful journey rich with historic melodies and songs that speak of man's plight and his joy. 

I have been fortunate enough to play with wonderful people, both young and old. We have all shared the passion for the original recording artists of the 1920's and have studied their songs and tunes religiously. I know what Gid's voice sounds like just like a friend's, after listening to his recordings countless times!

I hope to bring the music and the people behind the music alive for you in these recordings and pages. I hope you enjoy the journey as well.

Photograph above is the Pierce's Store just across from HeaHeah in 1900, and it looks just the same today.

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