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Fiddlin' Doc Roberts Doc Roberts, born in 1898 in Madison County, Kentucky, learned much of his style and repertoire from the great black musician Owen Walker, who was born in 1857!

Georgia Yellow HammersCharles Ernest Moody of the Georgia Yellow Hammers traded a shotgun for his first fiddle. In addition to being a member to one of the greatest string bands of north Georgia, Moody may also be attributed for his original composition still popular today, "Drifting Too Far from the Shore", which he wrote in 1924.

Mumford Bean And His ItawambiansMumford Bean, from Itawamba County in northeastern Mississippi, was only twelve years old when he recorded two cuts, "Flow Rain Waltz" and "Slow Time Waltz" for Okeh in 1928 as Mumford Bean And His Itawambians!

Benjamin Wade WardBenjamin Wade Ward, born on October 15, 1892 in Independence, Virginia was an avid fox hunter, farmer, banjo picker and fiddler. His playing for public events began in 1919 when Wade was 26. Playing with local fiddler Van Edwards and Van Edward's son, Earl Edwards, on guitar, they called themselves the Buck Mountain Band. They got their band name after playing at an event that involved the obligatory selling of a man's property near Buck Mountain.

Fiddler Daniel Huggins Williams, guitarist Cloet East Texas SerenadersHamman, cellist Henry Bogan, an unknown second guitarist, and tenor banjo player John Munnerlyn gave birth to the graceful yet encompassing style of the East Texas Serenaders. The Serenaders' immortal sound may be attributed in part to Bogan's three string cello and Munnerlyn's steady chordal rhythm on tenor. The tenor banjo was so vital to the Serenader's that they brought in Shorty Lester when Munnerlyn was unavailable for their final recording session in 1937.
Joe LeeAlabamian fiddler Joe Lee was a mentor to both Lowe Stokes and Clayton McMichen and Lowe said that Joe was the best old time fiddler he ever heard! However, Joe could never do well at the contests as he would always get too nervous and play poorly!

Local tradition in Surry County, North Carolina and surrounding counties made it very difficult for any gentlemen who was not native to a county to court the local women. Apparently, locals would hurl rocks at any threatening gentleman to scare him off, a sort of territorial courting ritual!

Arthur and Daughter Lavonne Smith At a young age of 16, Arthur Smith married a a young lassie who also was a guitar player.They began playing for square dances and she would sell chickens there, which financed his first fiddle!

When Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers were brought into the recording studio in 1928, they had only played together only about a week before laying down eight impeccable sides for Victor Records, of which "George Washington" and "Jawbone" were original compositions!

Ernest "Pop" Stoneman, with supporting casts of Eck Ernest "Pop" StonemanDunford, Kahle Brewer, Emmet Lundy, Fields Ward, Irma Frost, Frank and Oscar Jenkins, Hattie Stoneman, and others, recorded over 200 tracks for Victor, Okeh, Gennet, Edison, and ARC in his career!

In Avery's Creek township, in western North Carolina, in 1948, Fiddlin' Fiddlin' Bill HensleyBill Hensley, then seventy-five-years of age, was accused of second degree murder of a man that had come to his house to purchase liquor. The Avery Citizen on Feb 19. 1948 quoted his explanation just before he was convicted of second degree murder:

"He said he was goin' to kill me and grabbed me, and we went to the floor. He was on top of we and beatin' me about the head and face. As we scuffed around and got closer to the gunrack, this man pulled my pistol out of the holster and began shootin' around' my head. I kept dodgin', fust one way a, then t'other, and every time he shot, I thought the next one would kill shore. I kept strugglin' and I was bad scared. Finally, I managed to get out from under him enough to reach up and grab my shotgun, which was on the same rack about the holster, and I pushed him away toward the chair, and when he saw me pullin' the gun from the rack he lunged at me and I fired gun about level, afore I got it up to my shoulder, and he fell back in the chair. I shot in self-defense . . . . I'm sorry. . . . "

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